St. Clair Beefmasters
Craig & Karen Johnson
Bill & Carolyn Bishop
El Dorado Springs, MO
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Beefmaster Cattle

Beefmaster is a breed of beef cattle that was developed in the early 1930s by Tom Lasater (the breed founder), after his father Ed C. Lasater created the breed, from a crossing of Hereford cows and Shorthorn cows with Brahman bulls. The exact mixture of Beefmasters is 25% Hereford, 25% Shorthorn and 50% Brahman. It was the first new breed of cattle registered in the United States. The original intention was to produce cattle that could produce economically in the difficult environment of South Texas. The cattle were selected by using the Six Essentials; weight, conformation, milking ability, fertility, hardiness and disposition. Though there are no standards for color, most are red to light red, with white mottled spots. These cattle are a dual purpose breed, meaning that they can be used for milk as well as beef.